予言のニュース-イエス・キリストの福音で世界に到達し、彼がすぐに戻る前にすべての人が再び生まれるのを見るという重荷から生まれました。その負担が私たちの使命になっています!イエスは、「人が新たに生まれなければ、神の国を見ることはできません」と言われました。 -ヨハネ3:3


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Bryan Smith - is the Founder of Prophetic News.  He is a licensed minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a graduate of Texas Bible College.  Bible Prophecy has been his passion since the age of 16.  He has served as an Evangelist, Assistant Pastor, Senior Pastor, and an Administrative Assistant.  For many years, he has been an Eschatology Teacher, and has spoken at several Bible Prophecy Conferences and churches alike.  As of late, God has directed him to utilize the soul fishing net of Bible Prophecy to reach many souls for Jesus Christ.


Prophetic News - is the perfect outlet for such a ministry!  God has given us a team of dedicated people who share the same passion for Bible Prophecy and vision for the lost!  It is our prayer that Prophetic News will inspire, prepare, equip, educate and eventually SAVE - all of those who hear us.  Jesus Christ is coming soon to rule this world, and we want to help everyone we can, to BE READY!